What do my clients say?


“I have had the pleasure of working with Ordbalans since 2004. I need only say that Åsa delivers! She has an unerring feel for language, always makes valuable comments and has the ability to make a text sing.”

– Anna Hermerén, Analogica AB

“Åsa at Ordbalans read through my manuscript for the book ‘Förstå Ridning’ (Understanding Riding) in a both professional and personal manner. She supplied constructive criticism and suggested changes that made some of the book easier to understand. It was easy to understand her arguments and corrections. It seemed to me that she familiarised herself with the text and really analysed the content. The book has been well received by readers and this is in part due to Åsa.”

– Helena Åhlund, author and riding instructor


Some of the clients with which Ordbalans works

Analogica AB
Bokförlaget Modellrallaren
CBG International
Geektown kommunikationsbyrå
Translator Scandinavia AB



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