Words are my business

Your text is my work. My name is Åsa Andersson and I will translate, revise and edit your words to make them say what you want as effectively as possible. You are the expert in your field. What I add is my expertise in language and communication. Together we can produce a document that is attractive to your readers and easy for them to absorb.

I work with English, French and Swedish. My primary specialist fields are the EU, the environment, economics/finance and social issues.

How can I help you today? I can translate your documents from English and French into Swedish. I can revise and edit Swedish texts. I can help you develop your own writing skills.


Translating a text involves more than just transferring words from one language to another. My task as a translator is to put a text in the right context. So I need to ask you about your target group and what you want to achieve with your text. Who will read it and why? During the process, it is important that we communicate so we can deal with any questions as quickly and easily as possible.



You have a text in Swedish that needs a little tweaking. We start by discussing the target group and purpose of the text and agree on what needs to be done. It might only need to be proofread. This means that I correct any spelling mistakes, remove double spaces. That sort of thing. Or you might want a more thorough review. I would then suggest improvements that go a little deeper. The text might need to be rewritten to make it easier to read in Swedish.a?



You want to know what something is called in Swedish. Maybe you need some facts to generate better English translations of your material. I can also suggest how your company might communicate more effectively and uniformly.




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