Examples of projects


Winter 2015: Review of the Riksbank’s Monetary Policy (Utvärdering av Riksbankens penningpolitik 2010–2015) by Marvin Goodfriend and Mervyn King.

Task: Translation from English into Swedish.

This task was extremely enjoyable as I had the opportunity to work with two highly skilled colleagues. We translated roughly a third each and revised and proofread each other’s sections, ensuring that the end product was thoroughly polished and consistent.

Spring 2016: Interview with Yanis Varoufakis for International Network of Street Papers

Task: Translation from English into Swedish.

As a volunteer with Translators Without Borders, one of my tasks was to translate an interview with the former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis. I enjoyed being able to make a professional contribution in this way. The interview was also highly interesting and topical.

Summer 2016: Bokförlaget Modellrallaren, Mälarviken–Mollsjö järnvägar (Mälarviken–Mollsjö Railways)

Task: Revision and proofreading in Swedish.

It is always a pleasure to work with Modellrallaren and Jocke Sannagård. I fiddle with the details to enhance the text and see a talented writer improving his skills still further. It is an added bonus to gain an insight into the world of model railways.

Summer 2017: Verbum förlag, Bön och medveten närvaro (Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality, by Tim Stead)

Task: Translation from English to Swedish

Mindfulness has been the thing to do for quite some time now. This book is a nice introduction to the concept, and I think it could be useful to a lot of people, regardless of their beliefs. Tim Stead’s sense of humour and disarming self-distance make the read all the more enjoyable!

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